SCP 09: How to take your podcast from online to on air

Many podcasters want to take their podcast from online to on air, but they don’t know how to do it.


One guy who has successfully taken his podcast Makin the Play to radio is Rob Johnson of 95.5 The Fan in Paducah, KY.

Listen to the Audio

In this interview with Rob, you will learn:

  • Rob’s brilliant idea for bringing credibility, interest and publicity to his podcast
  • A game plan for taking your show from podcast to radio
  • What Rob does to ensure his continued improvement
  • The vital component of a great podcast
  • Why your podcast should be accompanied by a website
  • How to use social media to promote your podcast
  • Suggestions for making your podcast stand out in the crowd
  • How to pitch your podcast to radio stations
  • Differences between podcasting and broadcasting
  • Ways to make yourself memorable with employers
  • The non-broadcasting skill that will help get your podcast to radio

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After you listen, please share your thoughts and personal experiences in the comments or on Twitter. To get the conversation started, I’ll ask you one question:

Question: What was your biggest “ah-ha” moment in listening to Rob’s podcasting experience?


  1. Rob (@RJ1452 / @MakinThePlay)

    TY, Jon for the interview about The Show, The Website and The Process of MakinThePlay!

  2. From Online To On Air – Makin The Play » From Online To On Air

    […] In this interview with Rob, you will learn: […]


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