14 Must-Have Items For Your Play-by-Play Kit

In the old days, doctors made house calls. They brought with them a black kit filled with the essentials for the job — things like stethoscopes, syringes and bandages.

Play-by play broadcasters should also take a kit to work every day.

Here are 14 tools that should be in your play-by-play kit . . .

1. Bottled water

Sip it, don’t gulp it.

2. Advil

Don’t let a headache or other aches and pains slow you down.

3. Colored pens

4. Extra batteries

For every device you’re bringing.

5. Binoculars

6. Cough Drops

Fisherman’s Friend were suggested to me on Twitter.

7. Larabar Snack Bars

Any snack bar will do, but Larabars come highly recommended.

8. Clear tape

9. Blue painter’s tape

The best. It sticks to everything, then UNsticks to everything.

10. Erasers

11. Extension cord

You never know how far you will be from the closest outlet.

12. Power strip

You probably have more gear that needs to be powered than one outlet can handle.

13. A small fan

This is especially helpful if you have glasses. If it’s humid or you sweat, your glasses will fog up.


Aug. 31, 2020:
This list was shortened to 13 when we removed duct tape because of it’s sticky residue.

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