How I See It by Mark Pinski


(September 19, 2011) For the past five years, I have written about 250 “sports media” columns. For now, this will be my last one. I’ll miss it, because watching and listening to sports has always played a huge roll in my life, and this column gave me a chance to express my views.

I tried not to be too critical of anyone, and when I did criticize someone, I felt it was probably deserved, but I’d still feel bad about it. I tried to invoke humor, and I hope my columns were informative, interesting, and at times, funny.

I always tell people that I don’t know a lot, but I do know sports and I do know sports broadcasting, which I did for 15 years. For the past 11 years, I have been managing five radio stations in Chicago, and I’ve found that writing 52 columns a year has become too time consuming.

I’d like to thank Jon Chelesnik for giving me the opportunity to contribute to his website. He’s done an amazing job growing his business and I am sure he has helped a lot of people in broadcasting as well. STAATALENT.COM has become a major player in the sports casting industry. Thanks Jon.

So by saying goodbye to my “sports media” columns, I suppose I’ll have more time to do what I enjoy most, that’s watching and listening to sports.

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Thank you for reading, HOW I SEE IT…BY MARK PINSKI.

Growing up in a tough neighborhood in Highland Park, IL, Mr. Pinski stayed away from gangs by immersing himself in sports. He played softball, baseball, tennis, racquetball, football, floor hockey, ice hockey, basketball, and many other sports. He was always injury prone, and over the years Mark broke his ankle, sprained his ankles several times, tore knee ligaments, suffered three concussions, had surgery on his ulna nerve, broke his nose, herniated a disc, separated his right shoulder, tore a rotator cuff, broke three fingers, fractured two bones in his right hand, sprained his wrists several times, had three hernias, suffered from plantar fasciitis, needed jaw surgery, and had Lasik eye surgery. As a result, Mr. Pinski wonders why former NFL players are constantly complaining about their health insurance and pension plan after they’ve been out of the game for so many years. Today, Mark exercises a lot and plays golf, which for most people is very safe. Not for him; Mark once got nailed in the chest from an errant tee shot which led to a job as a golf ranger, where of course he injured his head getting into the golf cart, and was forced to leave the golf ranger business.