Rocky Mountain Vibes No. 2 -- FILLED BY STAA MEMBER

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Jon Chelesnik
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Rocky Mountain Vibes No. 2 -- FILLED BY STAA MEMBER

#1 Post by Jon Chelesnik » Thu May 09, 2019 10:58 am

Congratulations to STAA member Mitch Vareldzis. He is joining the Rocky Mountain Vibes as the radio color commentator at home and solo play-by-play voice on the road.

Vareldzis joined STAA in February. "The STAA name had been dropped in my lap several times before I decided to join. As time passed it seemed every professional in the field I talked with about it highly suggested it. Eventually, I became so frustrated with my job pursuits I bit the bullet and joined. Boy what a great decision I made to join," he grins."

Read the full story here.

Visit Mitch's STAA Talent Page.

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