DI Play-by-Play on ESPN +, Northeast

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Jon Chelesnik
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DI Play-by-Play on ESPN +, Northeast

#1 Post by Jon Chelesnik » Fri May 17, 2019 11:26 am

A DI school in the Northeast has asked STAA to help them find several play-by-play broadcasters AND color commentators for a variety of sports to air on ESPN +.

The color analyst doesn't have to be an ex-athlete or coach. It can simply be a play-by-play announcer who knows the sport.

This is a fabulous opportunity get TV demos featuring ESPN branding.

The university is producing approximately 110 events each school year. Announcers are needed for the following sports:

* Baseball
* Softball
* Men's and women's hockey
* Soccer
* Field hockey
* Volleyball

The complete position description, the name of the employer and contact information has already been emailed to STAA members.

If you're not an STAA member and want this job lead, join STAA now. We'll send it to you and call you to answer questions you might have.

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