Broadcast Entertainer, Savannah, GA

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Jon Chelesnik
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Broadcast Entertainer, Savannah, GA

#1 Post by Jon Chelesnik » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:44 am

The Savannah Bananas Baseball Club (Summer collegiate Coastal Plain League) is accepting applications for a broadcast entertainer.

Notice it doesn't say play-by-play broadcaster.

Broadcast. Entertainer.

The Bananas are not like your typical baseball team. They are different. They take chances. They toe the line. They test the rules. They challenge the way things are suppose to be.

The Bananas make things fun.

Having fun will also be the role of the Bananas broadcaster. They are looking for someone to bring the creativity of Bill Veeck, P.T. Barnum and Walt Disney to the airwaves.

In this role you will consider the normal guidelines for baseball play-by-play then do . . . the exact . . . opposite.

For example . . .

* Instead of describing the game, you'll talk about the game as fans do. "Why in the heck is the number 9 hitter swinging on 3-and-oh with the bases loaded?!"

* Instead of cookie-cutter home run calls, they want CHEESE. The cheesier the better!

* Instead of interviewing only players and coaches, you might interview fans, kids, local business people and Bananas office staff.

* Instead of working with an ex-player as your analyst, you might work with rotating fan analysts or even players from the active roster!

* Other ideas include doing an inning of imitations of some of the famous broadcast calls of all time including, “Do You believe in Miracles?” Or you could be doing an inning of all movie quotes and famous song lyrics. You could possibly get suggestions from fans for a word of the night that you need to mix into your broadcast. You could also record unique interviews on the Banana Bus and showcase the players in unique environments.

Your summer of fun with the Bananas could launch your career in directions you can't imagine. Two of their former break dancing first base coaches are now professional dancers.

This is a paid position.

To Apply:

You didn't expect this would be a traditional application, did you? Instead of your demo and resume, they'd love to see two things from you:

1. A cell phone video of you doing a three-batter sequence featuring the kind of fun with which you would do it if you calling the game for the Bananas. Use any game from TV or online. (Don't worry about copyrights; the Bananas be the only folks who see it).

2. A three point bulleted list of additional ideas you think would fit into our entertainment-themed game broadcasts.

Please indicate in your cover letter you learned of this opportunity through Sportscasters Talent Agency of America.

Send video and bulleted list of ideas to:

Jesse Cole

AND TO . . .

Jon Chelesnik
Owner, STAA

Application deadline: March 1, 2020.

Want more info about the Bananas? Watch the video on the Bananas website

Jon Chelesnik
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Re: Broadcast Entertainer, Savannah, GA

#2 Post by Jon Chelesnik » Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:28 pm

Just a reminder that the application deadline for this position is this Sunday, March 1.

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