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How To Become a Talent Spoter

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 9:23 pm
by clayables
Question, I am a play by play announcer at Indiana for Big Ten Network and ESPN 3.

A couple of people in the business told me I need to become a spotter or statistician to get involved with different networks.

How would you guys go around doing that and looking for a position like that?

Thank you and appreciate your time.

Re: How To Become a Talent Spoter

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 6:37 am
by RadioPat1982
Clay, feel free to email or call me and we can talk more but in general football is really the only sport now a days that uses a spotter. Often times a spotter is not really even a "broadcast or production" person but more just someone that the broadcaster can work as a team with. I think I read that Joe Davis (Fox Sports) for example, uses his dad as a spotter. On radio, a lot of college broadcasters will use a pre/half/post host that is already in the booth. Every situation is different.

Stats are a but different. I would recommend that if you can get in at the stats or stage manager level, do so. Stage is normally provided by the truck or staffing agency and they work as a go between for the producers/directors and the talent. You can learn a lot doing stage! Stats often sit near the broadcaster but in some cases they sit in the truck or even a media box if there is communication back. A Stats person will often time be recommended by the host school's AD. Especially for smaller broadcast.

Every broadcast and every sport is different. In some smaller broadcast stats/stage/spotter are kind of the same position. Trucks are trending toward getting one person to do multiple things now a days. They used to pay a person just to run around and give people water, or hold a banner in the background. Those positions are going away with cut backs.

If you are interested in these positions I would recommend looking over all the nearby team's schedules and then reach out to the host school's AD. I would say the smaller the school and broadcast, the better chance they will need someone. So seek out those non power 5 football school's.