David Stern on Jim Rome's show on Thursday

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David Stern on Jim Rome's show on Thursday

#1 Post by Marky » Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:26 am

Great lineup of guests- Mike Smith, Randy Couture, David Stern.

Couture had a great line about the public perception of his sport, where he feared the rank and file public believed MMA fighters were uncivilized brutes who went out and beat people up in public.

The line was all the more memorable considering it was a depature from the insulting pig latin that Rome passes off as English during the course of his show.

But I digress.

What I wanted discuss was Rome's playful barb to the NBA Commissioner about the WNBA. He asked him if they were going to pull the plug on the league.

And after a bit of give and take, Stern came up with some sort of comment about the "supression of women."


Are we to believe Stern believes the NBA must financially fund the WNBA even if it fails to run a profit, the costs of which will no doubt be passed on to fans of the men's league?

Should the leading scorer of the WNBA make as much as the leading scorer in the NBA?

Equal pay for equal work, you know! Isn't anything less "the supression of women?"

Abolishing the WNBA would mean the supression of women?

I don't think the WNBA is going away and I wasn't aware it was doing poorly, or how well it was doing at all to be honest. Just not anything I'm interested in.

But if it were to go, wouldn't it be because of a lack of interest and not because of "the supression of women?"

If one doesn't follow the WNBA they're "suppressing women?"

What if a woman has little interest in sports and doesn't watch the WNBA. Is she, in fact, supressing her own gender?


Stern has ridden on the back of Michael Jordan for 25 years. I'm sorry, but despite his reputation one can't argue the NBA has fallen in popularity since the Bulls' dynasty, they have an image problem, and he cannot keep his franchises from moving from the 14th largest market to the 45th or the 24th to the 53rd.

Now this comment, which makes his league look like a welfare vehicle.

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