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Jon Chelesnik
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#16 Post by Jon Chelesnik » Wed Nov 26, 2008 9:36 am

Here is the STAA play-by-play seminar schedule. Registrations will be available through Wednesday, December 3. Call 949-215-6713:

9:30 Sign-In

10:00 Jon Chelesnik, STAA: How To Land Your First or Next Job

10:35 Dave LaMont, ESPN: Make Yourself a Must Have Play-by-Play Announcer

11:15 Jon Chelesnik: Marketing Yourself

11:50 Russ Langer, Las Vegas 51s: What Minor League Teams Look For in a Play-by-Play Hire

12:25 Break

1:40 Tom Boman, Learfield: What Learfield Looks for When Hiring Talent

2:40 Jon Chelesnik: 15 Secrets to Landing a Job at the Winter Meetings

3:05 Danyelle Sargent, Fox Sports: Getting Your Next Job

3:45 Eric Musselman, Former NBA Head Coach: Achieving Your Potential; The Coach-Broadcaster Relationship

4:30 Q&A with seminar speakers (Time permitting)

5:00 Meet and Greet

6:00 Adjournment

* Guest, times and topics are subject to change

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#17 Post by radiorat » Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:49 pm

Anybody else just clinging to this site for the next baseball job to be posted? I know I am.

Jon Chelesnik
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#18 Post by Jon Chelesnik » Mon Dec 15, 2008 5:57 am

Here is a great story from the LA Times about how tough it is to land a play-by-play job at baseball's winter meetings:

Stu Paul
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#19 Post by Stu Paul » Mon Dec 15, 2008 8:52 am

Jon, what a great story that is! I can relate to all of those young people who are going through the grind now. I saw so many wannabe announcers during my first winter meetings years ago and wow, it seemed so overwhelming. Then again, I kept reminding myself that if I don't throw my name out there, then my name will never be on the list of candidates. You never know when you may hit "BINGO" with any of these clubs.

I had a few interviews at my first winter meetings and even though I did not ultimately land anything, I still acquired numerous contacts and learned about how sales is so important (something that I initially did not do during my first couple of jobs in radio in general), but the following year, I got a call from a GM that LOVED my work and since I did some free-lance sales and marketing for a sports organization as well, I did get the NOD for the job!

I agree with you 100 percent, Jon! I cannot stress enough how EVERY single opportunity is important to get yourself in front of prominent people in the business, whether it is executives, broadcasters who already are employed with schools/teams, etc. or other would-be candidates as well. No one single path is ever the same to eventually become successful. Thank you for sharing that story!

To those who were at the meetings and did NOT get a job, DON'T DESPAIR!! Learn as much as you can on what executives look for and how they operate and DO NOT limit yourself to just baseball. Check out hockey organizations, the NDBL, the CBA and universities, whether they are Divsion I, Division II, or Division III Schools. Keep at it.

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and to all of those who are reading this and whom I met at the Sportscasting Seminar, it was such a great pleasure to meet all of you and I am always happy to help all of you and interact as well.

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#20 Post by radiorat » Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:24 pm

Kevin did a great job with that story. Best of luck to everyone who (like me) is now in the waiting game for the play-by-play jobs with the clubs who are not making their decisions until the end of the month or new year.
Thanks for posting the story Jon.

Michael Westbook

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