Station Gear vs New Gear

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Station Gear vs New Gear

#1 Post by jwr37 » Mon Sep 08, 2008 3:43 pm

Hey industry question here. I've done most all of my broadcasts via the internet, using a nice, but simple, 4 input Behringer/Mackey/etc. mixing board connecting thru the computer via an encoder.

Now that I'm doing some high school football work for a station that isn't "campus radio", we use this big black box, which looks 20 years old, that has only two inputs but its own built-in phone.

So..I'm alluding to my own ignorance, but...can't you broadcast off a "true" small, modern mixing board and get it to a phoneline? Having never connected via a phone line before, I'm kinda lost....

And if you possibly can, do you propose it to a station...Streamline your equiptment by investing $300-500 in new stuff?

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#2 Post by radiodj2 » Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:34 am


Sounds like you have RCA input and outputs only. If your mixer has a main RCA out, you can connect to the Telex or cell pack through that and dial into the station. If this is truly a 20 year old unit (Shure?) then it should still work fine. You may have to adapt from RCA or 1/4" to XLR.

Does the station have a Marti?

Here's a new way to use a cell phone to call in:

Or a Cell Pack:

You may try to talk the station into hooking up a PC to the main mixing board and stream the broadcast like you are doing now. It may be delayed 20 to 30 seconds, but you will not have to buy additional gear.

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#3 Post by Christian Beacom » Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:09 am

If your small box has a phone on it and has a microphone input, just go to Radio Shack or Guitar Center, get two adapters and use your mixer to master your sound and use the phone mixer to transmit your sound. You should only have to use one of the microphone inputs and your sound quality should be better than the typical phone line broadcast.

One other bit of advice, I use a Eurorack 602A for all of my broadcasts, two inputs for broadcaster microphones, one for crowd sound and one for pre-recorded materials.

Finally, if you need to do a pre-game show, get yourself a Micro BR Digital Recorder for your sound, upload it to your computer then use Sports Sounds Pro to hold your sound. I have found the Sports Sounds Pro software to be a very valuable tool, especially when I need to clip and upload highlights during a game.

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