Mike Lange retires

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Mike Lange retires

#1 Post by tcsports » Tue Aug 10, 2021 10:41 am

Mike Lange was so much fun to listen to because of all the crazy, often seemingly out-of-place phrases he used. While Chris Berman's style was similar, though arguably more logical, I've wondered if Berman was influenced by Lange. Is there a place for that kind of wacky, non-sequiter kind of stuff in sportscasting today? I used to love Lange's "Michael, Michael motorcyle" and I don't even remember who Michael was.
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Re: Mike Lange retires

#2 Post by Jon Chelesnik » Thu Aug 12, 2021 10:27 am

STAA member Marky Billson posted this in the private STAA Member Community. I thought it would be fun to share here, too . . .

Pittsburgh Penguins broadcaster Mike Lange had so many [signature] calls. The one time I did speak to him he actually said "scratch my back with a hacksaw!"

The first one I ever recall him saying- "Great Balls of Fire."

But then there was

Michael, Michael- Motorcycle!

Call Arnold Slick from Turtle Creek! Note- this was pronounced with a thick Western PA accent that comes out "Crick." Turtle Creek is a Pittsburgh suburb in the Mon Valley.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma- the Bingo Game is about to roll!

When the Penguins clinched the game with an empty net goal- "Elvis has just left the business!"

And my personal favorite- "Go Buy Sam a Drink and Get His Dog One Too!"

Forget "Super Mario" or "Le Magnifique!" Mario Lemieux was always "The Canine Intoxicator" to me, and I am resentful I was never given a forum to have that one take off!

Here's a fun article with some of the Hall of Famer's calls for those of you not privileged enough to live in Pittsburgh and hear his calls.

https://yinzershop.com/blogs/fun-facts- ... mike-lange

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