Broadcasting Outdoor Hockey

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Broadcasting Outdoor Hockey

#1 Postby bschultz » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:01 pm

I'm the radio announcer for Bemidji State University Hockey. We are located about 100 miles south of the Canadian border. We hosted the 13th annual Hockey Day in Minnesota. The event hosts outdoor games all day Saturday, mainly high school games.

This year, we added a college mens game to the schedule. It's the first Bemidji State outdoor game since they played on Lake Bemidji from 1960 to 1967.

The weather Friday night was -15 with a wind chill of -35. My laptop has never made noises like it has the last couple days after being out in that cold. We were in a tent at the top of the bleachers. It had three sides...but the front was open.

We had a propane heater, but at those temperatures, propane turns to liquid...and the heater blows cold air. I did the mens game Friday night, and the BSU womens game Saturday.

What's the coldest you've ever had to endure?

The opponent (Michigan Tech in Houghton, MI) and their radio guy Dirk had issues connecting because of the we ended up doing a three man booth. Based on the event, I thought that was the right thing to do. What would you do if your opponents broadcaster couldn't get on the air for a "once in a lifetime' event"?

We have some pics and video from the night at our Facebook page...


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