Philosophical approach leads recent grad Tabb to PM Drive in Lincoln, NE

(January 6, 2020) Minoring in philosophy and listening to sports talk hosts with whom he disagrees have helped lead Ryan Tabb to his own sports talk opportunity. An STAA member, Tabb is joining 97.3 The Ticket in Lincoln, NE as Afternoon Drive co-host.

Tabb graduated from Syracuse University last spring. It was there he learned about STAA from his classmates, several of who are members. Tabb joined STAA in June and found The Ticket opportunity through STAA.

It’s rare for a college grad to land a daily sports talk show. Tabb believes his ability to be unique gave him an edge over most recent college grads. “In a field where everybody is a little crazy about sports, nobody has an edge by just being passionate, he says. “For me, having minored in philosophy and expressing that I think sports are a great medium for practicing that kind of thinking probably helped set me apart.”

While at Syracuse, Tabb served as sports director for the campus radio station and produced and hosted a sports talk show. One factor in his growth as a host is listening to hosts with whom he disagrees.

“Listening to someone you agree with is nice for a few minutes, but pretty soon it gets dry and boring. It’s like being lectured about something you already understand,” Tabb says. “If I disagree with a host but respect their process in reaching whatever conclusion they’re presenting, it forces me to think outside of the box and consider what I would say if I was on air with them. Listening to people you disagree with is a great way to learn more.”

Persistence and faith in his convictions was key to Tabb landing the job in Lincoln. “When you know what you want to do and you are willing to pack everything up and move at the first opportunity, something will come along,” he says.

Lincoln, NE will be in stark contrast to Tabb’s hometown of Brentwood, CA, but he’s undaunted by the change. “Moving anywhere new is a challenge, but in all honesty I’m just focused on getting behind the microphone and settling in. I’m coming in without expectations.”

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