What is your web presence telling employers about you?

A highly accomplished broadcaster applied for one of the major college play-by-play jobs that opened in the past year. However, when he applied by emailing resume and audio attachments, it sent the clear indication that he doesn’t possesses the technological skills necessary for the position.

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Sports broadcasting jobs today are much more than simply being on the air. They are about creating online videos, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, blogging, live streaming and web editing. A person who can’t upload their demo and resume to DropBox likely can’t handle the multimedia duties required by most of today’s play-by-play jobs.

It’s okay to not know how to perform these tasks. It’s not okay to refuse to learn. Not if you want to continue your career.

Here are three things that tell sports broadcasting employers you lack necessary skills:

1. No personal website

Indicates an inability or refusal to learn new technology. Also indicates you are less motivated than people who do have a professional web presence.

2. A poor looking website

Indicates an inability to do basic web editing. No website is better than a crummy one.

3. Using SoundCloud as your website

One job seeker told me his demo and resume was on his SoundCloud page. However, the resume link was so obscure that he had to show me where it was. It was frustrating and a waste of time – two things you don’t want to put upon an employer.

The second issue with SoundCloud and YouTube is there is a ton of visual traffic on many of their pages – tags to other topics and profiles, links to related content, etc. All of it distracts employers from listening with undivided attention to your demo.

Finally, if you are using SoundCloud or YouTube, it means you don’t have a personal website. Again, employers are left to wonder if you have the technical skills necessary to help them.

4. Sending bad URL’s to your demo

If employers ask that you send files via a cloud-based service like DropBox, send links that work. Just as you need to check spelling and grammar before you hit “send,” you need to check your links. Sending the URL to a DropBox page instead of sending the “share” link to a specific folder or file is a negative reflection on your ability to use contemporary technology.

Technology skills are an important part of today’s sports broadcasting jobs. They may even be the most important part.

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