Perrault joining Yahoo! Sports Radio Network

Perrault-Matt(November 25, 2014) After 15 years of keeping his nose to the grindstone, Matt Perrault’s efforts have paid off. An STAA member, Perrault is joining Yahoo! Sports Radio as a Talk Show Host and Network Sales Executive.

“This is a rare opportunity for me to use both of my sports radio skills. I’m a uniquely talented sports talk show host who also is someone that looks to maximize revenue by creating killer sales platforms for my clients,” says Perrault. “Yahoo! has given me the chance to use my full arsenal of skills on a national scale. It’s a very unique position that I’m so excited about.”

Yahoo! Sports Radio has employed many STAA clients over the years. When Network Program Director Craig Larson called STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik with the unique broadcasting/sales opportunity, Perrault was the first person Chelesnik suggested.

“After just a few conversations with Craig Larson, I knew it was a great opportunity. It only took about three weeks after the first phone call for me to move to Houston and start the job. Without STAA, this opportunity would never have happened and I’m thankful for the relationship that helped Jon recommend me to Yahoo! Sports Radio.”

Perrault’s career started in 1999 as a play-by-play broadcaster for University of Virginia women’s basketball. After that, he worked as a sports talk host in Huntsville, Omaha, Des Moines and New Hampshire. Perrault has done fill-in work in Boston and Kansas City, and has gained considerable sales experience along the way.

Six month ago, things took an unexpected turn for Perrault when his station in New Hampshire was bought and he was let go as General Manager.

“At 37, I knew my career wasn’t over but I was no longer a young kid in the business. I’m very lucky to have some outstanding connections in the business and I used every one of them during this process of looking for my next opportunity. I knew I was good enough to host in a major market or nationally but I just needed the right opportunity.”

Strong support at home was a major advantage for Perrault as he sought the next step in his career.

“I have an amazing wife (Theresa) and she was my rock every time I doubted that a job like this would come along. I don’t think I would have been able to deal with uncertainty of the past six months without her support. It’s been a long road to get here but a lot of fun as well.”


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