Patience pays off for Henderson

Brett Henderson(June 20, 2012) If patience is a virtue, then STAA client Brett Henderson is a saint. He struck the delicate balance between patience and persistence in his job hunt. Now, Henderson is joining KYOY Radio in Cheyenne, WY as Sports Director.

“This is exactly what I have always wanted to do. I wanted to be involved with sports radio when I first got into the business. This is a purely a sports director position. I’m going to get to host my own show in the morning and cover the local teams and be closer to home.”

Henderson is moving to Cheyenne from Fort Dodge, IA, where he has been the news and sports director at Three Eagles Communications for the past two years.

The journey to KYOY began in March, when Henderson found the opening on the STAA job board. “I was checking the site twice a day,” says Henderson.

“I contacted them with my STAA Talent Page and sent them a follow-up email about a week after I contacted them.”

In April, Henderson was scheduled to visit family in Denver, less than two hours from Cheyenne. “[STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik suggested I tell [KYOY] I would be in town and would love to meet them at the station if they would allow me to,” Henderson says. “I met with them, it went well and they said they would be in contact.”

Then the waiting game began. It would be two months before Henderson was offered the job.

“I’ve never had my patience tested like it was tested this time,” Henderson grins. “Jon Chelesnik says it all the time, ‘patience is key.’ My patience has never been tested like it was with this.”

“Jon Chelesnik’s advice to ‘make them tell you no’ was probably the best advice he could have given me. It’s a tightrope between being too aggressive and not aggressive enough. I think its better to err on the [side of being too aggressive]. I think going to visit the station is what got me the job. If I didn’t go after that, I don’t know if they would have called and given me the interview.”

Henderson left Denver more than three years ago and is excited to be within driving distance to home.

“This puts me about an hour and a half away from everyone (in Denver) doing a job I actually couldn’t be more happy to have.”

(Visit Brett’s STAA Talent Page).

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