Kansas native Strathman stays in state at ESPN Wichita

Pat Strathman has lived his entire life in Kansas. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and has worked at radio stations in Atchison, Topeka and Salina. Therefore, it makes sense that his next move is again within the Sunflower state. Strathman has joined the new ESPN Wichita 92.3 FM as Sports Director/Assistant Program Director.

“I’ve been in Kansas for all 31-plus years of my life. There is something about that sunset that keeps me here,” Strathman chuckles. “In all seriousness, the Midwest mentality is truly remarkable. People here are hard workers and they deeply care for each other. Those are the people I want to be around.”

Uncovering opportunity

One of those people Strathman wants to be around is his new boss, Chad Boeger. Boeger is a radio veteran and president of Union Broadcasting, co-owner of the new station.

“Way back in June, a radio friend of mine contacted me and told me of 92.3 switching formats from country to all sports,” Strathman recalls. “After doing a bit of research, I decided to poke around. That led me to the doorstep of well-respected Chad Boeger. Following a few conversations, he asked if I wanted to join the team.”

On the move

An STAA member since 2013, Strathman spent the past five years as sports director at KSAL in Salina. His duties included a daily sports talk show and play-by-play for Kansas Wesleyan University. As much as he enjoyed his time there, moving to Wichita was a no-brainer for Strathman.

“For starters, Wichita is a bigger market that is crazy about sports,” he says. “I challenge anyone to find a fan base that supports its team like Wichita State men’s basketball fans. The Wichita Wind Surge made their debut this summer and the town backed them immediately. Wichita hosted the NCAA Tournament in 2018 and that resulted in the town being selected for 2021 (changed because of COVID-19) and 2025. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this town.

“That’s why ESPN Wichita was created — to serve the sports fans in the community of Wichita with nine hours of local sports talk to go with play-by-play of various events.”

Play-by-play hopes

Strathman has always loved play-by-play. Even though it isn’t part of his new position, he’s not giving it up. “Freelancing is very much a norm in today’s sportscasting industry. If an opportunity pops up and my schedule allows it, I’ll gladly put on the headset,” he says.

If he doesn’t do play-by-play, Strathman will spend time with his fiancée Cara. “A free day with the future wife doesn’t sound too bad either,” he smiles.

However he spends his time, Strathman is grateful for his new home in his home state.

“Working for a new locally-owned radio station is thrilling and it’s all sports with the big four letters E-S-P-N. What’s not to like about that?”

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