SCP 08: Overcoming the emotional challenges of your sportscasting career

Recently, I asked STAA clients what they wanted me to blog about. The No.1 reply was regarding the emotional challenges of the sportscasting job market — wondering if you’re good enough to achieve your goals.

We’ve all been there at one time or another.


Instead of writing my own thoughts on the topic, I wanted to bring other voices into the conversation. I interviewed a program director and a play-by-play broadcaster — Aaron Matthews from Ohio and Don Wadewitz from Wisconsin. In the interview, they candidly discuss their own frustrations — both with the job market and the career.

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Among the topics we cover:

  • The circumstances that triggered their sportscasting job market frustrations.
  • The things that happened to help them overcome their frustrations.
  • People they leaned on for support and encouragement.
  • The unexpected source from where you might find help.
  • An unexpected positive that came from time spent between jobs.
  • Questioning your ability when you can’t get interest from employers.
  • The important thing for frustrated sportscasting job seekers to have.
  • The dangerous place where your job market frustrations can have a negative impact.
  • Combating feelings of depression.
  • Wondering if you are ever going to achieve your dream.
  • Job market variables that are beyond your control.
  • Suggestions for preventing job market frustrations from impacting your personal relationships.
  • The value of a supportive partner.
  • Things to appreciate, even when you are struggling in the job market.
  • A suggestion for maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other despite the time demands of your sportscasting career.
  • How close one of our guests came to making sportscasting their hobby versus their career.
  • Something you can do for yourself to keep your spirits up while searching for your next gig.
  • An important suggestion for college students who are considering a sports broadcasting career.
  • Perspective on finding fulfillment even when you haven’t reached your career goals.

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