Optimism pays off for Crozier

Brian Crozier(June 1, 2012) It’s one thing to send out dozens of applications and never hear a peep; you can easily attribute that to the disproportionate ratio of job openings to applicants — no need to take that personally. It becomes much harder to put on a brave face after being turned away from multiple interviews, but Brian Crozier found that persistence and a “glass-half-full” attitude will eventually pay off. Crozier, an STAA client, has been hired as Sports Director/News Reporter at Pritchard Broadcasting Corp in Burlington, IA.

The new job calls on Crozier to display a range of skills that include play-by-play for Southeastern Community College men’s basketball and high school football and basketball. Other responsibilities will be reporting area sports, hosting a Saturday coaches show during football and basketball seasons, reporting news, covering news events as needed, and managing sports and news content on station websites.

“They (Pritchard Broadcasting) have some of the best facilities I’ve seen,” says Crozier, who has been an STAA client since the company’s inception.

“It’s a great combination of the job, the town and the people at the stations.”

Crozier is thrilled to be back in the sportscasting game after spending more than a year outside the industry. The journey back in has been tough. In the last 13 months Crozier has had seven interviews, either over the phone or in person. None of them panned out, but Crozier opted to look at the bright side to ease his frustration.

“It was frustrating to not be chosen, but to get into the final three or final five, you knew you were doing something right.”

Putting a positive spin on those negative outcomes is exactly what Crozier recommends other job hunters do while navigating the job market.

“The Number One thing is I didn’t get down on my abilities or talent. With the market place the way it is, whoever gets a job is a very talented and hard working person. It’s not really a reflection on you; it’s a matter of how talented the people are who looking for the same jobs. If you’re not putting yourself out there and giving yourself the chance, you’re not going to get anything.”

One thing that Crozier believes helped his job search was the simplicity of sending his Talent Page out in applications.

“Having one place on the Talent Page where employers can take a look at my resume and hear me doing play-by-play or a newscast or my commercial production, makes everything very easy. Even the jobs I applied for but didn’t get, employers have mentioned how easy tit was to review all my stuff in one spot.”

Crozier is the third straight STAA client Pritchard Broadcasting has hired in this position, following Matt Pauley and Michael Cation. STAA is also how Crozier first learned of the opening with Pritchard.

A client of more than five years, Crozier has been pleased to be part of STAA’s expansion.

“Jon Chelesnik has some great advice and great tips that have helped me out. I can also speak to the growth of the website. When I first started [with STAA] in 2007, employers asked ‘What is this STAA?’ Now everyone knows about it. STAA has gained a lot of respect. People know how much high quality is put into it and the high quality of [clients] who are on the site.”

“Without what STAA offers, I don’t know exactly where I would be in my job search.”

(Visit Brian’s STAA Talent Page).

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