Optimism, hard work lead Brodie to PM Drive in Fayetteville

Aaron Brodie(August 8, 2016) When Aaron Brodie was three years old, he was given a toy microphone. Since then, he’s wanted to be a sports talk show host. His dream is now a reality. An STAA member, Brodie is joining ESPN Radio in Fayetteville, NC as Assistant Operations Manager and afternoon sports host.

“Working the last 15 months in the ultimate entry level on-air position in Lubbock, TX broadcasting mainly newscasts, the chance to move full-time into hosting a sports talk show is a blessing of epic proportions,” Brodie says excitedly. “Beyond that, the administrative duties that come with being the Assistant Operations Manager will make me well rounded.”

Brodie’s job in Texas was with Lubbock’s Sports Leader 1340 The Fan is where he cut his chops and strengthened his work ethic as a fill-in host. “I’ve often been required to take on sole responsibility of crafting and executing an entertaining yet informative sports talk show that suits the passionate sports fans living in West Texas. Sink or swim, feast or famine, it was always up to me to maximize the opportunities I was given.” Later he adds, “Fayetteville, NC is about to see the fruits of that labor.”

“We are excited for Aaron that he is getting this new opportunity,” says Rob Snyder, News & Sports Operations Manager for Townsquare Media of Lubbock. “When I first interviewed Aaron a year-and-a-half ago, he made his career goals clear and I am happy he is getting to move into day-to-day hosting.”

When Brodie joined STAA in February he admits he knew very little about the sports broadcasting job market. In fact, it was Snyder who pointed Brodie in STAA’s direction. “Jon Chelesnik has done a great job at helping those involved in sports radio move up to the next level in their careers,” says Snyder.

“There may not be a better candidate to vouch for the services of STAA than myself,” Brodie smiles. “I was clueless as to what employers are looking for or how to find openings in sports radio. I just knew I wanted to be a personality. Jon [Chelesnik] and his team have not only made the impossible possible by presenting members with job leads, but they also teach you how to craft your demo and set yourself apart from other candidates.

“To steal a line from legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, ‘you can put it in three- inch headlines,’ — I would not have gotten this job without STAA.”

In an industry where many job seekers see a scarcity of opportunities, Brodie saw the glass as half full. “Thanks to the near daily job leads I receive from STAA, I’ve learned how deep the job market is. Everyone may have their own personal ‘dream job’ but excellent opportunities open up everyday in the USA. With a willingness to re-locate which almost feels like a pre-requisite in this industry, your next big break is closer than you ever thought possible.”

(Visit Aaron’s website).

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