What To Do If Your Play-by-Play Demo Is Old

A sportscaster said, “I’ve applied for a couple of hockey play-by-play jobs. I worked for a team six years ago but it was my first job. I’ve grown a ton as a broadcaster and that hockey is representative of what I would do now.

“What should I do?”

There are two solutions for replacing old demo material.

1. Attend a Game

Sitting in the stands with your audio recorder is easily your best option. The live ambient noise will sound great on your demo. Be sure, though, to prepare as you would for a live broadcast.

2. Use Video

If the sport you want to do isn’t in season, go online. There are now videos of most sports with ambient sound and no broadcaster. Play the video with the sound turned up then record your play-by-play. Make up rosters and stats; nobody is going to know the difference or care.

If you are going to do a game from a video, don’t do one involving high profile teams. You’re not trying to fool anyone into thinking you did a live broadcast. However, it’s easier for an employer to suspend reality when you’re not doing the Kings vs the Blackhawks.

Mock broadcasts that demonstrate your ability today will catch more in the job market than fishing with six year-old bait.

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