Mark Boyle to speak at 2015 sportscasting seminar

Our digital age is brimming with opportunities to connect with others in the sportscasting industry peers. The savviest, most ambitious broadcasters are using every tool available to build the relationships that will push your career forward. Email, Twitter, Facebook, and the plethora of social media provides you with more access to the sportscasting talent you admire and the employers you want to work for than you’ve ever had before. But you know what’s missing?

Good old fashioned, person-to-person, human interaction.

Broadcasters network at One Day Ticket to Sportscasting Success seminar

The scarcity of events where sports broadcasters can gather in one place to network and learn from the industry’s best makes the One Day Ticket (ODT) to Sportscasting Success a unique experience. Our 4th annual event will be back June 8th, 2015 at the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association’s awards weekend. You’ll hear from a killer lineup of sportscasting’s best and brightest — including Mark Boyle of the Indiana Pacers.

mark-boyleBoyle is currently in the middle of his 27th season with the Pacers. Before joining the Pacers, Boyle’s sportscasting experience included time at KMOX, WFAN (he was one of the original on-air voices), minor league baseball, NHL, and more.

In years past, we released the names of our ODT guests all at once. However, we thought it would be more fun to see if you can guess who will be making an appearance at ODT15. I am armed with trivia about our next four all-star guest announcements (I’m pretty psyched for one in particular).

Here’s how it works: I’ll release clues about one speaker until someone guess correctly (or I run out of clues). The next round of Guess the Speaker will be Thursday, March 5th. Follow @STAAtalent on Twitter to play along!

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