ODT14, an experience for everyone

Chelesnik and Bob Costas at ODT12
Chelesnik and Bob Costas at ODT12

Think back to one of those times you were at a really special sporting event. Maybe it was watching an underdog football team pull through to win a high school championship. Or maybe it was the first time you attended a playoff game with your home town team on the field. You know that electric atmosphere? The way the crowd around you fairly crackled with excitement and energy? If the result was to your liking, you probably left feeling energized and alive. That’s what it’s like to attend the One Day Ticket to Sportscasting Seminar — even for me, and I’m not even a sportscaster.

The ODT seminar experience is so unique and valuable, we wanted to give more sportscasters the opportunity to participate. In previous years, ODT registration was limited to STAA clients only. However, this year we are opening up registration to include all sports broadcasters, whether you’re one of our clients or not.

If you read some of the reactions from previous ODT attendees on Twitter, you’ll get the broadcasters perspective on what it’s like to be in the room. If you decide to take the plunge and join us in June, I can tell you that you’ll leave with the info you need to keep improving your career, and the motivation to get cracking.

I hope that we’ll see you in Salisbury!

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