Notarile staying near home, joins Utica’s WKTV

Anthony Notarile(September 3, 2015) Anthony Notarile is an Empire State kind of guy. A few months after graduating from Hofstra University, Notarile is kicking off his sportscasting career in his home state as a Sports Anchor/Reporter at WKTV in Utica, NY.

“It really works out perfectly in every way” says Notarile, an STAA member. “I get to stay in New York, which in my field, it seemed like I was for sure going to be moving far away from my home on Long Island. I’m only 4 hours away from friends, family, and my girlfriend, so seeing them and keeping in touch won’t be hard.

I am very familiar with New York Sports, which is a plus to have on this job. Lastly, I actually went to Hofstra University with the current Sports Director [at WKTV], so we get to reunite the old team!”

Notarile applied for the WKTV opening after receiving an STAA job leads email. The appeal of working at the central New York station was sealed when Notarile had the opportunity to interview in person.

“It was like I was a kid in a candy store. I remember being so wide-eyed when I got the chance to tour the station. It was my second interview, and of all the jobs I applied to, and interviews I had, this was not only one of my first second interviews, but it was my first in-person one. I got to meet everyone I would be working with, and a big thing for me was seeing the sports desk I will be anchoring from. It felt surreal, but when I was touring, I knew it was a perfect fit.”

Notarile is eager to acknowledge the assistance that STAA provided, even beyond sending the initial opening notification.

“Any friend I have in the field can vouch, STAA has been wonderful for me. Getting the Talent Page to put all my work on and send to stations, getting the help from [STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik] when it comes to interviews or cover letters, or even something as simple as an email with multiple leads from TV stations, it’s been so helpful.

“Obviously in this case it is a perfect example, because I found out about the opening through your emails.”

(Visit Anthony’s STAA Talent Page).

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