One guy’s awesome reply to not getting a job interview

A friend of mine recently applied for a sportscasting job for which he thought he was a perfect candidate. He had the necessary experience and ability, and he knew the market inside and out.

not getting job interview

He didn’t even get an interview.

I share this story with you because his response to the disappointment was awesome.

He didn’t gripe about bad luck, about being treated unfairly, or about how the employer didn’t appreciate his ability. He said, “Sometimes it’s difficult around here having to do every aspect of the job while working a few other places at the same time, but one day it will pay off.”

How awesome is that? “One day it will pay off.”

I shared a story with my friend about when I was at a similar place in my own sportscasting career. I was working several side jobs around my primary gig at XTRA Sports 690 in San Diego in order to pay the bills. After five years, the payoff was getting my own show on ESPN Radio Network.

In sportscasting, the guys who get to the top aren’t always the most talented. They are the ones who persevered.

I told my friend, “Keep doing your best. Your payoff is coming.”

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