What if your football demo could
grab the attention of Learfield, IMG
or other top employers?

Have you ever had one of these thoughts?

I never hear back from employers in the football job market. I'm so frustrated!

My play-by-play has hit a plateau. How am I going to take it to another level?

What does this employer want to hear on my demo?

We have the tool you need to get clear.

Maximize your PBP skills with
Advanced Football Play-by-Play

We built Advanced Football Play-by-Play with input from NFL and major college hiring executives, so you don't have to wonder what grabs their attention. Advanced Football Play-by-Play is a Master Chef cookbook for your football play-by-play.

Immediately improving your football play-by-play is probably easier than you think, but it does require proper instruction.

In this presentation, we’ll look at the industry-renowned STAA Play-by-Play Pyramid through the football perspective. I’ll offer tips, tricks and secrets for you to establish rock solid fundamentals for your football play-by-play.

I’ll also share advanced techniques that will get you noticed by football play-by-play employers:

  • NFL teams
  • National networks like Westwood One
  • Major college syndicators like Learfield and IMG
  • Local radio station employers

To make sure you are crystal clear on my instructions, I will play samples to illustrate the techniques I am talking about -- both the good and the not so good.

This presentation lays the foundation upon which the success of your football play-by-play career depends. You’ll learn how to make your broadcasts as engaging as your favorite novel...even if you have minimal or zero experience.

Move forward. Command attention. Be great.

Show Me How To Improve My Football PBP

Here's what this class will do for you:

Advanced Football Play-by-Play is entirely new. New presentation. Better content. It's much more than time and score. After Advanced Football Play-by-Play, you'll know how to:

  • Turn a boring broadcast into a sizzling story
  • Pinpoint the ball using more than just yard lines
  • Describe so much more than just the action
  • Use inflection and pauses for dramatic effect
  • Easily keep stats for yourself

Advanced Football Play-by-Play is convenient. Whenever you want. Wherever you want. Your improvement will be immediate. And dramatic.

A message from your guide

Jon Chelesnik, class instructor From: Jon Chelesnik
RE: Advanced Football Play-by-Play

Dear Fellow Sportscaster,

You are here because you want to improve your football play-by-play and I am here to help you. Maybe you are trying to get the attention of NFL teams, national syndicators, colleges, or local radio stations. Maybe you simply want to be the best football play-by-play broadcaster that you can can be.

Either way, I will help you achieve the greatness that has always been inside you. Here’s how Advanced Football Play-by-Play works:

  1. You purchase the class here.
  2. You are automatically redirected to the STAA website where you will receive your password and URL.
  3. You watch the presentation. Your football play-by-play improves with your very next broadcast.

By the time you are done, you’ll know how to deliver the drama of every snap with the same verve and insight as an NFL announcer.

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Here's what a few students have said about our instruction and their experiences:

"Many of the things discussed I managed to incorporate into my work immediately."

Jay Sanderson Jay Sanderson
Montana State University Football Play-by-Play Voice

"Really enjoyed listening to your insight and the discussions, as it was very applicable to incorporate into my work. I took away several things that will have immediate effect this fall once Ball State's football season begins."

Tyler Bradfield Tyler Bradfield
Ball State University, Class of 2016

"Took notes on everything. Just a great refresh and review right before the season opener. Thank you!"

Robert Portnoy Robert Portnoy
University of New Mexico Football Play-by-Play Voice

As a college underclassman at the University of Wisconsin, Reid Magnum invested in two of STAA's play-by-play instructional resources. His senior year, Reid earned All-America honors as one of the top six collegiate sports broadcasters in the country. Many influences have impacted Reid's success and STAA's instruction is part of it.

Will this work for me?

We developed Advanced Football Play-by-Play for two reasons:


We saw that many college students weren't getting instruction in the subtleties that would help them get jobs.


We are constantly hearing from veterans who feel stuck in their careers and want to improve their play-by-play but they don't know to do it, or even what NFL and major college employers are listening for.

Implement the Advanced Football Play-by-Play guidelines in your football broadcasts this Fall. In the Spring, have employers saying "Wow" when they listen to your play-by-play. Take renewed confidence into the job market knowing that you ARE good.

Ready to upgrade your football broadcasts?

Your investment in the Advanced Football Play-by-Play is just $39.95, less than you might be spending each month at Starbucks.

Become great. Get hired.

Show Me How To Improve My Football PBP

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're ready to prove everything we claim. Invest in the Advanced Football Play-by-Play multimedia presentation right now and watch it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If the video does not live up to any of the claims stated here, I don't want your money. I'll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.