Frustrated with your sportscasting job pursuits?

  • New to the job market and don’t know what to do?
  • Been in the same job for too long?
  • Unable to move up?
  • Not getting enough interest from employers?
  • Unsure of exactly what employers are looking for?
  • Desire a better standard of living?

You need a strategy to solve your frustrations

If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

There’s a simple plan to get the job you want

Emailed Jobs

Get job openings emailed to you

Stop wasting time searching for jobs. Instead, be among the first to apply.

sports broadcasting Application Strategy

Fix your application strategy

Not hearing back from employers? You’re dropping the ball in at least one of five areas. Guaranteed.
Identify where, then learn how to fix it.

Meeting Employers

Get help meeting employers

STAA sends your demo and resume to jobs in your region. And employers can find you in our Talent Search database.

Imagine the exhilaration when you tell your family and friends, “I got the job!

Our plan has a proven record of success

After joining STAA, Brett McMillan landed a dream job in his hometown as a multimedia journalist for the St. Louis Cardinals. Watch the video below to hear how an STAA membership helped Brett get the sportscasting job he wanted.


Our plan works because
we’ve been where you are


Like you, I will always be a sportscaster. Over 18 years, I sometimes struggled to pay my bills. I fought self-doubt when my career didn’t unfold as fast as I wanted. I persevered, though, and ended-up spending four years at ESPN Radio.

You can achieve your goals, too.

Looking back, I regret that I didn’t do everything I could to go as far as I could. It wasn’t lack of desire. It was because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

You don’t have to experience those regrets. Helping you avoid them is why I started STAA in 2006.

You have ability. To take the next step, you need to know where the jobs are and how to get them. STAA will help you.

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Jon Chelesnik

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Enjoy personal service

You’ll have support and resources to ensure you get the most from your membership.

  • A welcome call upon joining
  • Weekly emails featuring career advice
  • A standing invitation to contact Jon Chelesnik with questions. You’ll usually receive a same day reply.

With so many members, won’t you be too busy for me?

Absolutely not! Correspondence from STAA members has priority and is answered before all else.

Email or text STAA Owner Jon Chelesnik and you’ll usually hear back same-day; never more than one business day. Phone appointments are also available.

The number of STAA members actually benefits you – it’s a large network that you get to tap into.

“I’m a fellow STAA member!” is an easy, effective door opener. Camaraderie with fellow members is a valuable part of being on the STAA team.

photo of Nick Vareldzis

“The STAA name had been dropped in my lap several times before I decided to join. As time passed it seemed every professional in the field I talked with about STAA highly suggested it. Eventually, I became so frustrated with my job pursuits I bit the bullet and joined. Boy what a great decision!

I quickly utilized the resources to retool my resumes and cover letters. I felt more in the loop regarding opportunities in the field. I learned of several more job opportunities than I would have as someone just viewing the job board.”

Nick Vareldzis
Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Rocky Mountain Vibes (Milwaukee Brewers, Class-A)
(Member since 2019)

“My STAA membership has played a pivotal role in my career. I’ve gone through the hiring cycle twice now. Almost all the openings to which I’ve applied have come from STAA job lead emails. I’ve also noticed a continuous uptick in the quality and quantity of responses I’ve received from employers as I’ve further applied [STAA’s] lessons.”

Brett Williams
Western Kentucky University Women’s Basketball
(Member since 2017)

Matt Jarecki

“There were two things that really sold me on STAA. First, Jon was so genuine. He’s a no b.s. guy, but he’s also a guy who cares about helping young sportscasters. Second, I was hungry for resources to get better and further my career. STAA provided those things. STAA provides improvement and employment opportunities for young sportscasters who don’t have a program director and who aren’t represented by an agent. Your name is not out there yet, so get it out there.”

Matt Jarecki
Talk Show Host, 610 Sports Houston
(Member since 2018)

Discover the value YOU bring to sportscasting employers

Your work, evaluated

Learn how your work measures up against other sportscasters in STAA’s monthly Group Critiques. Use the feedback you receive to make your work even better.

Know your next step

Knowing what targets are reasonable boosts your chances for job market success! STAA’s career planning services will help. You’ll also know if there are intermediate steps required to get from where you are now to where you want to go.

STAA members are hired by top employers

Take control of your sportscasting career

Fine tuning your approach to job searches.
Getting job listings first.
Building camaraderie with your colleagues.
Gaining every possible advantage.

These are just a few of the benefits our members say they love about joining STAA.
But don’t take our word for it, listen to their stories below:


You’ll get instant access to 12 job market guides, 12 broadcasting guides (covering play-by-play, sports talk show hosting, sports TV and radio anchoring, and esports), 30+ group critique sessions, 35 job market makeovers, and 38 interviews with top broadcasters from around the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of STAA members get sportscasting jobs?

Our members have accepted more than 980 jobs since 2007. That’s not a percentage, but it’s a pretty awesome rate!

What types of job leads will I receive?

On the radio side, everything from entry level jobs to network PBP, sports talk show hosting, and anchoring. For TV, sports anchor and/or reporter positions in all market sizes across the country. You’ll also receive contact info for employers of TV PBP talent.

Do employers use the website to find talent?

Yes, regularly! In fact, many employers have hired multiple STAA members.

How do I know STAA will work for me?

We can’t guarantee that STAA will work for you. Your chances for success will be determined by how much effort you put into it. It’s just like a gym membership. If you are self-motivated, you’ll do well. Passive personalities don’t do as well with STAA.

There’s so much competition, what are my real chances of getting a sportscasting job?

Assuming you have the ability and experience for the jobs for which you are applying, your chances are directly proportional to how much effort and strategy you invest into your job search. We can help you put together your best strategy for an aggressive career plan.

How many jobs are shared with STAA members that aren’t posted on the public job board?

Roughly 10% of the openings are exclusively for members, but members receive 100% of our openings before we post them publicly.

When I see on the STAA job board that “members have had their demos and resumes sent to an employer,” what does that mean?

When an STAA member has demo samples that fit a job opening within 500 miles of their location, we send a link to their STAA Talent Page or personal website to the employer.

What can I get from a membership that I can’t already get through the site for free?

In addition to everything detailed/outlined above, you will have access to the exclusive members-only section of the STAA website. It features a treasure trove of resources to help you get you next job and to help be better in your current job.

Are demo critiques part of the service?

Jon hosts a group critique of radio and television demos once per quarter (It’s one of our most popular members-only features!) This way, the advice offered to one benefits many.

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