2014 Jim Nantz Award Watch List features 12 names

The nation’s best collegiate sports broadcasters. At STAA, that’s what we’re looking for each spring when we conduct our annual Jim Nantz Award and All-America program.

Below is our Watch List for 2014. It features the early favorites for this year’s Jim Nantz Award and STAA All-America program and consists of 12 names. The list is comprised primarily, but not exclusively, of student sportscasters who earned Top 20 or Honorable Mention recognition in last year’s rankings. Emerson College’s Ross Lippman won the award last season.

Be clear — there is no guarantee the 2014 Jim Nantz Award winner is included on this list.

This year’s Watch List has 10 seniors. The most well represented schools are Syracuse (surprise, surprise) and Fordham with three candidates each. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Hofstra: 2
  • Syracuse: 3
  • Fordham: 3
  • Emerson College: 1
  • Gonzaga: 1
  • Rhode Island College: 1
  • Western Michigan: 1


Robert Bacaj (Sr, Syracuse)
Bianca Buono (Sr, Emerson College)
Kevin Fitzgerald (Sr, Syracuse)
Ben Fontana (Sr, Syracuse)
Brenna Greene (Sr, Gonzaga)
Rob Joyce (Sr, Hofstra)
Chris Marasco (Sr, Fordham)
Joe Roberts (Sr, Western Michigan)
DJ Sixsmith (Jr, Fordham)
Michael Sullivan (Sr, Hofstra)
Jared Ware (Sr, Rhode Island College)
Michael Watts (Jr, Fordham)

Important upcoming dates

March 21 – Jim Nantz Award application period begins
April 4 – Jim Nantz Award application period ends
May 9 – Jim Nantz Award winner & 2014 STAA All-America announcement
June 9 – Jim Nantz Award presentation, Salisbury, NC

Updated to correct the university tally.

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