Myrehn scores Michigan sports talk, play-by-play gig

Ryan Myrehn(January 30, 2015) If you take a peek at Ryan Myrehn’s future in a crystal ball you’ll see several inches of snow, and a move into full-time sportscasting. An STAA Member, Myrehn is joining WZAM in Marquette, MI as Sports Director. He will be hosting a daily talk show and doing various play-by-play.

“For the first time in my career, I can focus my energies solely on the sports aspect of broadcasting, which has long been my dream. The opportunity to host a daily sports talk show was a huge draw, as was the community of Marquette,” says Myrehn, who is the third consecutive STAA member to hold the position over the past seven years.

A graduate of DePauw University in Indiana, Myrehn gained four years of experience at the campus station WGRE. Since 2012, he has been doing news and sports in Moberly, MO. Myrehn credits STAA with helping him move his career forward.

“As valuable as the job listings from STAA are, the service is just as valuable as a resource for a broadcaster. From the application process to tips for honing my craft, STAA has been an incredible tool for me in my career.”

Myrehn has attained both of his post-college jobs since joining STAA in April of 2012.

“Thanks for your service, it’s been a boon to me and my career.”

Once the Marquette opportunity opened up, Myrehn moved through the hiring process quickly.

“Everything came together very quickly. I applied as soon as I saw the job was available and spoke with Tom [Mogush] at WZAM early in the week. I visited the station a few days later and thought it was a good fit.”

Moving to the third snowiest city in the contiguous United States would make some people apprehensive, but Myrehn is looking forward to the opportunity for winter sports.

“The cold weather wasn’t a factor because there is so much to do during the winter months in Marquette. The opportunity to live a few miles from a ski slope turned the cold and snow into a positive for me!”

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