Moser leaps from Grand Junction to Denver

“Josh(June 4, 2014) Josh Moser is moving on up…way on up. Moser is the new sports reporter at 9News KUSA in Denver. His move to the Mile High City represents a jump in market size No. 185 to No. 17.

Moser relocates to Denver from after four years at KREX in Grand Junction, CO, where he most recently served as Sports Director.

“9News has great leadership under GM Mark Cornetta and ND Patti Dennis, and is the dominant number one in the market,” says Moser. “I’m flattered to be the newest member of the team and know that I will bring strong energy and a new-age digital media journalist flavor to the newsroom.”

Even though he is a Southern California native and a graduate of USC, Moser has fallen in love with Colorado. “Denver is a great sports town and it’s close to home in Los Angeles. Although, Colorado has been my home for almost four years and I could see myself here for a long time to come!

The networking Moser started in college, and continued in Grand Junction, was one of the keys to his landing the job at KUSA. “I made it a point to get to Denver as much as I could and stay ‘in the room.’ I laid my foundation at Annenberg [College] at USC and my relationships and my networking ability I feel aided in all of the pieces to come together!

“I couldn’t be happier and I can’t thank all of the people enough that helped get me to this point! No one does it alone.

“Let’s just say I’m on cloud nine a mile high!

(Visit Josh’s STAA Talent Page).

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