4 ways to get an MiLB job without media relations experience

Most minor league baseball positions include media relations as the larger part of the job.

If you lack that experience, there are four ways to try to work around it.

1. Create mock writing samples

The ability to write and format press releases and game recaps can be enough to offset the lack of experience in doing it. Practice on your own. Pick the best to use as samples.

Don’t wait for employers to ask for samples. Present them along with your demo and resume.

2. Demonstrate your ability with InDesign

After you passed your driver’s test, your parents let you drive the family car even though your actual time behind the wheel was minimal. Experience with InDesign is similar.

I’ve mentioned before that InDesign is the program most teams use to create their daily game notes. Demonstrating you can use InDesign by creating sample work will help offset your lack of experience with it.

3. Tell them you can sell!

If you have sales experience OR the eagerness to sell stadium advertising, group tickets or program ads, some teams might allow you to broadcast and sell instead of broadcasting and media relations.

4. Go to the indy leagues

Independent and summer collegiate baseball teams will often teach media relations to their broadcasters and then let them learn on the job.

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