How To Give Yourself an Edge in the MiLB Job Market

There are many more minor league baseball broadcasting job seekers each winter than there are available positions.

How can you stand out?

Here are four ways to give yourself an advantage in the MiLB job market. . .

1. Attend the Winter Meetings

Many people skip the meetings because the payoff might not be immediate. However, you’ll meet a lot of GM and broadcasters.

Only a fraction of the jobs that will open during the off-season are even known about when the meetings take place in early December. The GMs and broadcasters you meet can tip you off to openings that occur later. Maybe they will even interview you for an opening with their club because they got to know you at the meetings.

2. Emphasize media relations

Media relations is 90% of what you will do in a minor league play-by-play job. Almost every GM will tell you that they will hire the better media relations person over the better broadcaster. If you have those skills, emphasize them.

3. If you can sell, sell it!

Teams might edit a position description to take advantage of your sales experience. Sales experience or the enthusiasm to do sales can compensate for less experience in other areas.

4. Learn InDesign

This is the program most teams use to create daily game notes. If a general manager asks in the interview if you know InDesign, you don’t want to reply “no.”

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