McKamey joins Big Horn Radio Network

jordan mckamey(November 11, 2016) Jordan McKamey was eager for a new challenge and more responsibility. He’s found both in his hometown. An STAA member, McKamey is the new news and sports director for Big Horn Radio Network in Worland, WY.

McKamey relocates after nearly 14 months in an on-air and play-by-play position at AM 1240 KASL in Newcastle, WY. “I enjoyed my time in Newcastle a lot, but always felt like I could be doing more,” McKamey says. “That’s where the added news writing element in Worland really interested me. It felt like a proper time to take the next step — a bigger market and a bigger station.”

The Big Horn Radio position opened when the former news and sports director left for an opportunity closer to his own hometown. “The job opened up a bit unexpectedly and since it was in my hometown, the management at Big Horn Radio Network reached out to me,” says McKamey.

He adds, “From from first contact to hiring only spanned about a week.”

McKamey says that staying prepared is a job market skill he has recently developed, and that it paid off big with the Worland opportunity. “Keeping up my air checks, my resume, my STAA Talent Page and many other small things that give you the mobility you need to make a quick decision if necessary,” he says. “STAA has been key in reinforcing these thoughts throughout the pass 18 months. I feel the tools I’ve been able to sample and put to use gave me the keys to land this position and move forward with confidence.”

Now, McKamey is eager for the responsibilities and opportunities that come with his new position at Big Horn Radio Network.

“We all have an idea of what our career arc should be,” he says. “Rarely does it ever pan out perfectly, but for me, with this position it did. I’m looking forward to this next stop on my journey.”

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