McCoy to cover Johnny Football in first gig

Mike McCoy(August 5, 2013) Just two months after graduating from college, STAA client Mike McCoy is bound for the Lone Star State to begin his sportscasting career. McCoy is the new sports anchor/reporter at ABC 40 in Bryan, TX.

“This is an incredible opportunity for me to start out my career so soon after just graduating from La Salle this past May. So many other reporters are still searching for jobs while not even hearing a response. For the station in Bryan, TX to choose me for the position, it is a dream come true,” McCoy smiles.

“I also will be able to cover the most talked about athlete in sports right now in Johnny Manziel. There isn’t a better place for me to have great exposure to such a big story.”

McCoy is a 2013 graduate of La Salle University where he interned for WMCN 44 and Comcast SportsNet. The summer job hunt took a positive turn after McCoy received an STAA job openings email.

“I found the position from the STAA updates I have been receiving since May. I had my interview with the [station] news director Dennis Kinney we got along right from the start. Our interview lasted 45 minutes and I had a good feeling about our connection,” McCoy says.

“My name also reached him because a former La Salle graduate, Brandon Davidow, was the former sports director at the sister station in Waco, TX. Brandon gave Dennis an approval of my work and the rest is history.”

McCoy says the best thing fellow job hunters can do is remain persistent and keep a good attitude.

“There are times when you question yourself because your other friends who graduated with you have jobs and are already making money. In our field, jobs are hard to come by, and it really is just the luck of the draw sometimes. Never get down on yourself, never doubt your abilities and just know that if you keep on applying you are just one phone call away from having your dream job.”

(Visit Mike’s STAA Talent Page).

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