Pauley to host Sports Flashes for SBN Radio

“Matt(January 26, 2017) Matt Pauley was looking for additional sportscasting opportunities that would fit around his primary job as the Milwaukee Brewers post-game host. He’s found it with SB Nation Radio. An STAA member since 2006, Pauley will be hosting Sports Flash sports updates for several SBNR affiliates across the country.

“It allows me to work from home during the day while still being able to handle Brewers post-game and host other shows on WTMJ,” says Pauley. “It also allows me the opportunity to do freelance play-by-play at night.”

The SB Nation opportunity came through a relationship that goes back to Pauley’s days at The Sports Animal 1300 in Colorado Springs. The station was an SBN affiliate and, as a host and assistant PD, Pauley was one of their local contacts. When the current Sports Flash opportunity arose, the network contacted Pauley in Milwaukee to ask if he was interested.

A veteran baseball broadcaster, Pauley has called Minor League games in Colorado Springs, Burlington, IA, Albany, GA and Evansville, IN. His ultimate goal is to work in the Big Leagues; Keeping his Brewers post-game gig keeps him close to that goal.

“I have dedicated much of my career to baseball, having spent ten years as a Minor League play-by-play broadcaster before moving to Milwaukee,” says Pauley. “I truly both have my cake and get to eat it too, being able to juggle these two positions at the same time.”

(Visit Matt’s STAA Talent Page).

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