Digby’s gamble to leave his job pays off

Matt Digby gambled on himself in the hope that he could live closer to his parents in Ohio. He won. Digby is joining 24/7 Now WRGT in Dayton, OH as a Sports MMJ.

“I first heard of the opening through STAA at the end of June. When the station first reached out to me, I was actually visiting family in Europe. However, I am thankful that we were able to have an in-person interview after I returned to the US, he says.”

Going home

Digby is a Buckeye State native and an alumnus of Ohio University. He spent the past seven years at WOAY TV in Oak Hill, VA but wanted so much to return to his home state that he resigned from WOAY without having another job. “It was definitely a big risk,” he recalls. I was fortunate that I was having interviews with multiple stations in various locations at the time.

“I wasn’t limiting myself to jobs in Ohio, but it definitely doesn’t hurt that Dayton is a quick drive away from my parents.”

Relationship building

Though he’s moving on, Digby cherishes his time at WOAY. “I am very thankful to my colleagues in West Virginia for all their help over the years. My goal is to keep in touch with them in the future, even if it’s something very quick as saying hello. Relationships do matter, and I’m glad I’ve been able to grow in building new relationships with fellow sportscasters.”

Relationship-building opportunities is a main reason Digby has been an STAA member since 2013. “STAA remains a great tool to connect with fellow sportscasters,” he states. “Whether it’s the chance for in-person meetings or Zoom seminars, I’m able to establish new relationships and also learn new tips that have helped me both with my previous positions and also applying for new jobs.”

Digby said in a 2015 story about joining WOAY, “If you are truly committed to getting a job in this business, you will get a job. It may take longer than you’d like, but it’s worth the wait.” Today he adds, “I stand by that statement, and am very excited for this next chapter!

“Once I began talking with Dayton and weighed various factors, it became very clear that this was the best fit for me.”

The gamble paid off.

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