Martez returning to Florida to join WDAE

Len Martez(April 1, 2016) Two years and one continent separate Len Martez from his last radio job. An STAA member, Martez is joining WDAE in Tampa, FL as a host and reporter. His duties will include hosting pre and post-game talk shows around Tampa Bay Rays baseball.

Martez’s resume includes stops at WQAM in Miami, ESPN 1430 in Blacksburg, VA and Sports radio 610 in Charlotte, NC. It was his Miami experience, though, that especially caught the attention of the folks in Tampa.

“Producing Marlins’ pre-games [for WQAM] and covering the team as a reporter for several years made me comfortable in answering some of the job interview questions and gives me a starting point of what should be included in a pre-game show,” says Martez. “Not to mention, whether you’re in Tampa or Miami, people in radio keep an eye on each city from a distance and I was able to convey what I thought mattered to Tampa sports fans.”

WDAE Assistant Program Director John Mamola told Martez that his affiliation with STAA helped, too. “He was especially interested in STAA applicants because he didn’t want just the average radio job seeker,” says Martez. “He wanted someone who had skills that were specific to what WDAE needed and specific to hosting a pre/post game show.”

Martez was one of at least three STAA members who interviewed for the position.

After leaving 610 Sports Radio in Charlotte in April 2014, Martez moved to San Diego and started plotting his next career move. His job market experience taught him that work history can earn a look from employers, but getting the job means finding ways to set yourself apart.

“I’ve taken the time to read numerous stories on the STAA site about those who were successful in landing jobs.,” he says. “I’ve also read the STAA Insider emails referencing how to follow-up an interview or how to make a demo specific to the job you’re seeking. In the past, I viewed this as going the extra mile but not anymore. All you’re giving up is time and effort. And at the least, you’ve left a good impression on that decision-maker. Then again, that time and effort may make you the successful candidate.”

Martez has been an STAA member for much of the last four years. “From my own personal STAA Member Makeover to watching and listening to other Makeovers, there’s no doubt STAA services helped me learned things I didn’t know before,” he says. “Whether through my Talent Page, the Member Makeover videos, career advice, etc., there’s little doubt in my mind that STAA services help separate me from the crowd.”

(Visit Len’s STAA Talent Page).

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