Self-promotion helps Shelley move to the ECHL

Mark ShelleyMark Shelley has been diligent about posting his work on social media in the two years he has broadcasted in the NAHL. That self-promotion is helping him take a big step forward in his career. An STAA member, Shelley is the new Manager of Media Relations and Broadcaster for the Greenville Swamp Rabbits of the ECHL.


Mark Shelley has spent the past two seasons in the NAHL, first with Amarillo and most recently with St. Cloud. Sharing his work online has been a habit at both stops. He explains, “It wasn’t about getting likes and comments, but it was about getting the right people to take a look.”

It paid off. Greenville broadcaster Matt Trust was resigning his position and looking for his replacement. Shelley says, “He had been following along with all of my highlights, graphics, and videos that I would post on social media and that helped get me a leg up.”

Shelley will bring a variety of skills to Greenville. He shares, “I’m ready to wear as many hats as I’m needed to in Greenville.” That’s because his time in St. Cloud has given him experience juggling management, operations, and sales alongside media and communications.

Assist to Fisch

Hershey Bears Broadcaster and former STAA member Zach Fisch referred Mark Shelley to STAA in 2017. Shelley was studying at Mansfield University and says Fisch has been a huge help in answering questions and showing support.

His STAA membership has also been a huge help to Shelley. “Being able to read about other broadcasters’ successes, struggles, and questions has been a great benefit. I can connect with all of these stories and it makes me feel a part of a community who deals with the same ups and downs that I do.”

Traveling man

Shelley is no stranger to moving. This will be his fourth straight summer of relocating for a new job. He admits, “Bouncing around has been tough on me over the last few years.” But he’s confident he’s always had a good reason for moving on, whether it’s a dead end or uncontrollable circumstances.

“I’ve unpacked everywhere I go,” Shelley adds. “I’ve always planned on staying, but sometimes situations change and you have to do what is best for you. Greenville is best for me, and I’m not going anywhere else anytime soon!”

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