The fastest way to make money from your sports podcast

If you have a podcast, you’ve undoubtedly wondered how to make a little money from it. Advertising is unlikely an option because most podcasts lack sufficient listenership. So how can you make a few bucks?

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If the topic of your podcast is hyper-local, find a restaurant that will pay you to host it at their establishment.

Here are 8 tips for how to do it.

1. Target wisely

Sports bars are your best bets (of course).

2. Turn slow into fast

Propose hosting your show on the restaurant’s slowest night of the week.

3. Invite folks

If your podcast is about a local high school or college team, invite players to bring their families and friends to watch the show. They’ll order food and suddenly, the restaurant’s slow night is not so slow.

4. Interview locals

Interview local sports personalities. Again, encourage them to bring their peeps.

5. Set your price

Charge at least enough to cover expenses. Ask for a free meal as part of the deal. Add additional value by offering things like title sponsorship, live reads, and whatever else.

6. Promote your podcast

An email list combined with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will be your best friends.

7. Host giveaways

Ask a local merchant to donate a cool, in-house giveaway in exchange for promotion on your show (and maybe in your online marketing materials).

8. Banners

Sell banners to local businesses for display on-site. (You’ll need the restaurant’s approval).

One guy who’s made money by taking his podcast to a local restaurant is Rob Johnson in Missouri. In 2014, we interviewed Rob about his secret formula for success. He shared his brilliant idea for bringing credibility, interest and publicity to his podcast.

Click here to listen to Rob’s advice.

I’d love to hear your ideas, too. What is your advice for monetizing a podcast at a local restaurant? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I promise to read and reply to all.

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