Ludlow follows baseball passion to Lugnuts

(March 29, 2011) Many people choose sportscasting careers so they can watch their favorite sports everyday. That has long been one of Kyler Ludlow’s motivations and now his dream is becoming reality. An STAA client, Ludlow is joining the Lansing Lugnuts as their No.2 broadcaster and media relations assistant.

The Lugnuts are the Toronto Blue Jays Class-A affiliate.

“I’m excited to watch baseball every day,” Ludlow says excitedly. “It’s just something I’ve literally dreamed about since I was younger. Just the opportunity I’m going to get to share my passion for the game and try to bring it to life for the people listening is something I am really, really, looking forward to doing.”

Ludlow will broadcast three innings of play-by-play and six innings of color commentary during Lugnuts home games. He will also assist in hosting pre-game and post-game shows, conduct pre-game interviews, write post-game recaps, and participate in the team’s social networking.

Ludlow applied for the job after seeing it posted on the STAA forums. The baseball demo he submitted was from an Internet broadcast conducted via cell phone. The audio quality wasn’t what Ludlow preferred but it was all he had. After interviewing with Lugnuts Director of Broadcasting Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, Ludlow thought he might be able to strengthen his candidacy by submitting cleaner audio. He sat in the stands at a Cedarville University game, recorded a couple of innings, and sent it to Goldberg-Strassler. The next day, Ludlow was offered the job.

“I just thought if I could get another sample to [Goldberg-Strassler] that was better quality and do it quickly, that would show some initiative my part,” Ludlow says. “I really did want the position. I was fortunate enough we had a home game where I could do it.”

A senior at Cedarville, Ludlow is set to graduate May 7th. Always determined, he is considering making the five-hour drive to Lansing to participate in the broadcast of that night’s Lugnut’s home game. After all, going the extra mile is what helped earn Ludlow the job in the first place.

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