Lovell new SD at KRDZ Colorado

Robert Lovell(January 6, 2012) Being among the first applicants for a job opening is proven to be advantageous for job hunters. However, as Robert Lovell has discovered, the early applicant is not always the one to catch the job. Lovell, an STAA client since September, is the new Sports Director at KRDZ 1440 AM in Wray, CO.

Lovell will deliver sportscasts during Morning Drive, broadcast every game for all Wray High School boys and girls varsity sports, and work on sales.

Lovell spotted the opening on the STAA job board and was immediately interested. A 2011 graduate of Dixie State College of Utah, Lovell was enticed by the well-rounded responsibilities the KRDZ position offered.

“It’s a good opportunity to get a lot of experience in a lot of different areas of sportscasting,” Lovell says.

Having a freshly built Talent Page, Lovell sent the link to KRDZ station owner Wayne Johnson. Two days later, Johnson contacted Lovell for an interview.

“My Talent Page was incredibly helpful. It was so much easier than having to mail [my demo and resume] or send multiple emails with audio attachments because one email usually isn’t enough to deliver all the clips.”

Lovell didn’t know at the time that he was a very late applicant for the opening – so late that Johnson had already interviewed several applicants and narrowed the list down to two. And then along came Lovell with his resume of college and high school play-by-play experience.

“One of the things my initial Talent Page didn’t have was any play-by-play audio,” Lovell says, “[Wayne Johnson] said ‘I like what I hear so far but I need to hear some play-by-play.’ As soon as I could, I got that to him and put it on my Talent Page as well and sent that to him. My ability to do play-by-play helped.”

Lovell’s personal life also helped convince station management that he could make a successful move to a small town on the Colorado plains.

“They liked the fact that I’m not single – that I am married coming to a small town and don’t need the night life,” Lovell smiles.

(Visit Robert’s STAA Talent Page).


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