Whaley returns to Kentucky and hometown TV station

Growing up near Paducah, KY, Logan Whaley would see a WPSD TV camera at high school sporting events then rush home to watch the highlights. Same thing when he’d see the cameras at Murray State basketball games. When Whaley learned the Paducah station had an opening for a sports anchor/reporter, it was a no-brainer to apply. Now the STAA member is heading home to join WPSD.

Whaley returns to Kentucky after four years at KAIT TV in Jonesboro, AR. He admits, “It was a hard decision, as I really enjoyed my time in Jonesboro and felt like I was finally becoming rooted there. But it just felt like the right time and the right opportunity.”

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No wonder. Whaley grew up 30 minutes from Paducah, in Mayfield, KY. He attended Graves County High School. “My parents and both sets of grandparents still live in Mayfield. My grandparents comment on just about every story [I produced in Jonesboro], both through text and on Facebook. The first thing they were excited about was now getting to watch me onTV instead of on their phone,” Whaley grins.

The interview for the WPSD position is one Whaley will long remember. “Right when I was about to talk with the sports director, news director and GM, a tornado warning popped off and they broke in live. Thankfully, nothing serious happened with the weather event, but I remember thinking at that moment that this was going to throw things off script for the interview.”

Whaley remembers something else from the interview. “There was a moment when the GM asked me if I had any questions for him. I knew I didn’t want to ask about the logistics of the job (pay, benefits, etc.) right away, even though they are important factors. I wanted to first ask him what keeps him coming back to work each day. I think through that question, you can learn so much about the type of culture you’re about to walk into.”

Whaley is a 2019 graduate of Union University in Jackson, TN. He joined STAA at the start of his final semester

“The [STAA] resources are a godsend,” he enthuses. “The job leads emails have been helpful, and the various threads/articles on the site have also been beneficial to me. The community that is on there is supportive and has a wealth of knowledge.”

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