Leuthner to call hockey for 8-time NCAA champs

Bret Leuthner(October 27, 2015) Bret Leuthner’s first college hockey play-by-play gig is with a program that has won eight NCAA DIII national championships in the past 20 years. An STAA member, Leuthner is the new voice of the Middlebury College Panthers.

Though Middlebury, VT is four hours from Leuthner’s home in Vernon, NJ, the job was too good to turn down.

“First and foremost, I get to have the opportunity to work with an excellent crew that produces great games that air on WTVK 92.1 FM there in Middlebury,” says Leuthner. “Also, I get to move up to call action on NCAA Division III games, not to mention those of an eight time National Champion. And lastly, I just have such a passion to be on the play-by-play for hockey games, and really all games in general. The opportunity was just too good to pass up.

Leuthner started calling hockey in 2011 for the New Jersey Outlaws and was named the Federal Hockey League’s Broadcaster of the Year. For the past three seasons he has been behind the mic for William Patterson University. Leuthner has also broadcast minor league basketball and baseball and a variety of high school sports.

The eight hour round trip is to Middlebury is going to be challenging, but Leuthner says his family is tremendously supportive. “My wife has been my backbone ever since I started this broadcasting journey. And when we need help, my parents and in-laws are always willing to help watch our children. Knowing that I have that support to where I can just concentrate on the broadcast is immeasurable.”

Leuthner has been an STAA member since 2009.

“STAA has been vital in my career progression,” he says. “I watch some of the Member Makeovers, listen to some of the critique sessions, read the weekly Insiders, and of course I always plan to attend the STAA One Day Ticket to Broadcasting Success seminar every year. The networking and the lessons learned there and with my STAA membership undoubtedly has gotten me to where I am today. I cannot thank Jon [Chelesnik] and Mel (STAA Digital Content Manager Melodie Turori) enough for everything they have done to help my career.”

(Visit Bret’s STAA Talent Page).

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