Less is best

Less is more.

When it comes to the written and spoken word, less is almost always more.

Less is easier to comprehend. It’s why sportscasters should use statistics sparingly. It’s why you want to keep your resume to one page. It’s why shorter emails receive more replies. It’s why interview questions should be kept short.

Don’t say something in 20 words that you can say in 12.

Examples from TV play-by-play

Pat Summerall

Ray Scott

Chris Schenkel

Does your sportscasting job involve writing?

Read The Day You Became A Better Writer by Scott Adams. It will be the best 90 seconds you spend this month on self-improvement.

What are some of your favorite examples of less being more? Please share them in the comments section below. I’m eager to read them and promise to reply to each one.

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  1. Logan Anderson

    My golf score!


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