Lehman scores two big hoops TV gigs

Kevin Lehman(February 12, 2013) STAA client Kevin Lehman has earned a pair of big TV opportunities. A former college basketball coach turned analyst, Lehman has been tabbed to work the NAIA Division II national championship game this spring for CBS Sports. He’s also doing TCU at Iowa State on February 16th as part of ESPN’s Big 12 package.

“Anytime you are given the opportunity to work a contest that is going to decide a National Championship in any sport and in any division, that is a great honor and privilege that carries the responsibility to bring to the athletes competing, the coaches involved, the fans in support and the viewers in general an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime,” Lehman says.

“My father George, who farmed his entire life, always told me, ‘Find something in life you have a passion for and enjoy doing. If you can make a living at it you will never have to work a day of your life.”

The Big 12 opportunity came through Lehman’s own networking efforts; The NAIA title game through a referral.

Lehman is a former head coach at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and assistant at the University of Northern Iowa. Prior to joining STAA in May 2011, Lehman had served as a basketball analyst for UNI, Iowa State and the Big 10 Digital Network. He had also served as an analyst on various TV studio shows. Since joining STAA, Lehman has earned work on the Missouri Valley Conference Television Network and as an expert analyst on several radio shows. He has used STAA for career planning and consulting, as well as construction of his demo and resume.

“[STAA] has coached me up through the whole process,” says Lehman. “How to design letters, emails, phone call preparation, resume design, and demo DVDs.

“[STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik has given me, and continues to give me, outstanding guidance and advice as I seek each and every year to improve my skills and network as a college basketball analyst. Jon has pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone and the result has been growth and confidence in my abilities. He suggested that I ask radio stations to go on weekly to pre-view upcoming Big 12, Big 10 and Valley games with the compensation being ‘experience only.’ I now do three each week! He encouraged me to do a live in-studio TV stand-up to review games at the Fox affiliate and cable station… again with compensation being gaining experience only. I now do two of these a week. All these suggestions have not only given me experience and confidence, it has also created opportunities for me as I advance my career. Jon always calls me “coach,” but Jon Chelesnik is the true “coach” in this relationship!

“I can’t believe I get compensated for providing “analysis” for college basketball. Don’t ever tell them I would do this for nothing!”

(Visit Kevin’s STAA Talent Page).

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