Kuperman’s bet on self pays off in DII play-by-play job

(July 25, 2018) After nearly two years broadcasting high school sports in Macomb, IL, Sam Kuperman was ready for the next step in his career. Without having another position to go to, he rolled the dice, left his job and came up snake eyes. An STAA member, Kuperman is the new Sports Director at WQBR-FM in Avis, PA.

Among his responsibilities will be broadcasting play-by-play for Lock Haven University’s NCAA Division I wrestling and field hockey teams, and Division II football, men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s lacrosse, baseball and softball.

“I first saw this job opening at the end of May when it was sent to me via STAA,” Kuperman recalls. “I immediately targeted the opening, as it was one that checked all the boxes. The combination of NCAA D1 and 2 play-by-play, writing opportunities, and the relative proximity to my hometown in New Jersey really intrigued me from the start.”

Kuperman applied immediately. “I was sure to follow up frequently with the station and ensure that the people there knew my level of interest in the opportunity.”

Leaving his job in Macomb without having another to go to was a calculated leap of faith.

“The lease on my apartment was up towards the end of June and there was already someone set to move in shortly after,” Kuperman recalls. “I was committed to finding a new job at this point anyways, so it didn’t make sense to move somewhere else then ultimately change locations again soon after.”

Kuperman spent his brief unemployment wisely. “I used the free time to visit friends and family, apply for jobs, and take notes on my recent work to find ways to improve. I did feel confident about this job opportunity though, which certainly made the prospect of jumping into the unknown a little easier to manage.”

Having a website helped Kuperman stand out in WQBR’s hiring process.

“I put together a personal website over this past winter, and I believe that was essential in marketing myself to the best of my abilities,” he says. “I was told 47 people applied for this position. To stand out in a crowd like that, having a wide range of professional experience and presenting it in the right manner is extremely important.”

Kuperman has been an STAA member since 2016, when he joined during the last semester of his senior year at Ithaca College. He has also done extensive one-on-one football and basketball play-by-play coaching with STAA’s Jon Chelesnik.

“I felt ready to make the jump to Division II broadcasting. I had received consistent feedback from Jon and others in the industry that backed up that notion,” Kuperman says. “I had an extremely valuable experience during my two years in Macomb that has helped prepare me for this opportunity.”

“Jon is always so easy to get in contact with. Whenever I have a question on something career-related he’s quick to respond and provides valuable advice. I strive to get better as a broadcaster each and every day. Being an STAA member helps me in that pursuit.”

(Visit Sam’s website).

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