Kelner stepping up to Class AA Senators

Marshall Kelner(December 12, 2012) When Marshall Kelner landed his summer 2012 gig as the voice of the Battle Creek Bombers, he was looking forward to the 70 game season of the Northwoods League. Now, Kelner is looking forward to taking a crack at a season that is twice as long. An STAA client, Kelner has been hired as the Broadcasting and Media Relations Assistant for the Harrisburg Senators.

The Senators are the Double-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

“It has been a struggle at times, but this makes all my hard work pay off. I am thrilled to break in with a Double-A organization and learn from veteran broadcaster Terry Byrom. I know this is a big step for me in my career and will serve me well going forward,” Kelner says.

“I am especially looking forward to being apart of the grind of a 140 game season for the first time. That grind is one of my favorite parts of baseball, and anyone who truly loves the game knows what I mean.”

Kelner received notice of the Senators opening in an STAA email. “I knew there would be lots of competition for it, but I was very excited by the opportunity to work for a great organization in Double A.”

A longtime Minnesota Twins fan, Kelner is looking forward to working with Senators manager Matthew LeCroy, who is a former Twins player. There will also be bountiful opportunities to make other new connections.

“I know I will meet a lot more people that will have a big impact on my career. I can’t wait to get started and see the future stars of the Washington Nationals play on an everyday basis in Harrisburg.”

After graduating from USC in 2011, Kelner spent a season with the Chico Outlaws. From there, Kelner moved to the Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network as a play-by-play announcer for football and basketball.

Kelner enjoys the simplicity of using his STAA Talent Page for job applications.

“STAA has been an incredible asset to me ever since I became a member. Having the talent page with everything on there makes it so easy to send to employers, rather than having to send multiple files and attachments.”

Of course, Kelner also appreciates receiving job lead emails.

“I’ve applied to a lot of jobs through STAA, and I finally got one. I feel incredibly humbled and excited to receive this opportunity.”

(Visit Marshall’s STAA Talent Page).

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