Advice from Magician and Ex-NFL Player Jon Dorenbos Will Help Your Sports Broadcasting Career

I recently read a book written by former Philadelphia Eagle turned magician, Jon Dorenbos. It’s titled Life Is Magic: My Inspiring Journey from Tragedy to Self-Discovery.

If you’re not familiar with Jon through his football career, you may have seen him on America’s Got Talent. What makes his story unique is that when Jon was about twelve years old, his father killed his mother. The book is about Jon’s lifelong journey of forgiving his father and conquering the challenges that have come with his unique life circumstances.

One of Jon’s habits will be especially beneficial to sportscasters looking to advance their careers:

Talk to yourself instead of listening to yourself.

Our thoughts tend toward the negative. It’s human nature.

Even in my fourth year as a host of the ESPN Radio Network, I often wondered, “How am I here? I’m not good enough to be here. They’re going to figure it out any day now, and I’m going to be finished.”

What helped me was positive self-talk like that advocated by Jon Dorenbos. When I would recognize those negative thoughts, I would change my mindset by saying, “I am good enough to be here. I am a national-caliber sports talk radio host. I’ve prepared the last fifteen years for this opportunity.”

That small dose of self-talk would reorient my mindset.

It may sound like hocus pocus, but try it right now. Give yourself some positive affirmation about your career: “I am good enough to be the voice of an NFL, NBA or Major League Baseball team. I am good enough to have a career in sports broadcasting. I am talented, and I am well-prepared for my next opportunity.”

Do that regularly, and that mindset will help you enjoy sportscasting success, just like it’s helped Jon Dorenbos achieve his life success.

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