Johnson takes his Internet show to radio

Rob Johnson(September 19, 2014) Rob Johnson understands how to build a sportscasting career. He isn’t yet where he eventually wants to be, but after starting at Square One in his mid-30s, he is taking another important step in the right direction. An STAA client, Johnson has been hired to take his online podcast to afternoon drive on Fridays at 95.5 The Fan in Paducah, KY.

In addition, Johnson’s blog posts, “Rob’s Rapid Rant,” will now include a radio version that will air daily at various times on 99.5 The Fan.

What is most impressive is that every opportunity Johnson has earned in his career is one he has created exclusively through his own hard work, industriousness and creativity.

Johnson’s sports talk career began with the creation of his blog,, in 2011. He designed and implemented advertising strategies for the website and it’s accompanying sports talk show. Two years later, in January 2013, he was able to broker a deal to get his show on the radio in Southeast Missouri.

The opportunity at The Fan in Paducah started with an email to the program director this past spring.

“In April, I cold emailed, then cold called the PD. The first email actually went to the PD’s junk folder. A few phone calls and email conversations led to a meeting in late June with the PD and GM,” says Johnson.

Once he got the meeting with station executives, Johnson knew what his most relevant selling points were, and he knew how to present them in a way that would garner attention in an industry where advertising revenue is the bottom line. Johnson also sold his motivation and proactivity – traits that are attractive to employers in all industries.

“I told my story of creating, broadcasting an Internet show to compliment it, and transitioning that show to radio,” says Johnson. “I described how I negotiated and purchased air time, sold advertising, then delivered an entertaining and informative show that was popular with listeners and sponsors.

“To provide additional credibility, I gave them the names of sponsors who were ecstatic with the ROI (Return on Investment) that my show delivered.”

Two other things Johnson have done exceptionally well in building his career is networking and continuing education. Just this year, he has attended a sports radio conference in San Diego and STAA’s annual One Day Ticket to Sportscasting Success seminar in North Carolina. The education and contacts he made at those events were something else he sold in his meeting with executives at 99.5 The Fan.

“I talked about the conferences I’ve attended, what I’ve learned, how I’m continuing to learn, and the relationships I’ve developed through various ways with successful people in sports talk radio. In addition, I laid out my vision for a successful show.”

Having confidence is yourself and your plan is a prerequisite for success at anything. Johnson believes it is his destiny to be a sports talk show host.

“I’m motivated by the overpowering belief that I was born to be a sports talk show host and the knowledge that I have the talent and intangibles to succeed in a large market. As my baseball card (another great marketing idea that Johnson uses) states, I’m a 5-Tool Player. The passion that led me to follow my dream four years ago — 18 years later than I should have — is stronger than ever.”

(Visit Rob’s STAA Talent Page).

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