How To Overcome Job Market Frustration

A sportscaster emailed me to explain he was getting out of the industry.

“I’m only 30 but I feel 50,” he wrote. “It was fun to dream but sometimes you have to wake up and do something you might not like to stay relevant in the world.”

I reviewed this guy’s work history, his efforts in the job market, and the way he was presenting himself to employers. After, I came to a poignant conclusion:

He gave up before he sincerely tried.

This person’s talent was fine, BUT. . .

  • His demo construction was poor.
  • His resume was weak.
  • He wasn’t taking advantage of resources to which he had access.
  • He didn’t take time to learn the sportscasting industry.

Especially notable was his dismay that employers would not count the games he did on his college radio station as Division I play-by-play experience.

This person made himself into a victim instead of being a victor.

Adversity and challenges don’t happen TO you. They happen FOR you.

If you’re not having the success you want in the job market, pay attention. It’s telling you you need to be better.

Let’s go back to our “I’m 30 but I feel like 50” friend:

  1. His demo construction was poor.
    He could have used STAA’s resources to identify where his demo needed to be better, but he didn’t.
  2. His resume format was weak.
    Again, he had access to resources to make it better, but he didn’t use them.
  3. He didn’t take time to learn the industry.
    If he were paying attention, he would have known employers don’t count college radio as Division I play-by-play experience and he wouldn’t have felt he was coming up short in his pursuit of those jobs. He would have understood he lacked the necessary experience, aimed lower, and then worked his way up.

When you’re feeling frustrated that your career isn’t moving in the direction you want, be a problem solver.

Focus on solutions, not problems.

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